Dear Neighbor,

We worked very hard this budget cycle to secure the maximum amount of San José improvements for residents like you in the most thoughtful and meaningful ways possible.

The Mayor proposed creating a budget that fosters a more equitable recovery for a better normal, working towards a clean and safer city, focusing on addressing our dual homelessness and affordable housing crisis, and setting aside $80 million of American Rescue Plan funding for future deficits and needs. I was proud to support his proposal and his June Budget Message at yesterday’s City Council meeting.

At that meeting I officially…

Dear Santa Clara County Board President Wasserman, Board Vice President Ellenberg, and County Supervisors,

The mental health and wellness of all our residents is of utmost importance to me. I write to express my support for Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) programming otherwise known as “Laura’s Law.” I urge you to not opt-out of AB 1976.

As a result of AB 1976, all California counties will be required to offer AOT or opt-out. Counties may offer AOT services independently or may choose to partner with neighboring counties which would require an executed memorandum of understanding.

The success of implementing AOT or…

Dear PUC President Batjer and Commissioners,

I am writing to you to express my strong opposition to San Jose Water Company’s (SJW) General Rate Case (GRC) application requesting a total of $88M increase in the cost of service over the three-year period of 2022–2024, and the recovery of $7M (balancing account) and $11M (memorandum account) via customer surcharges beginning January 1, 2022, for 36 months or until recovered. Please delay approval of SJW’s rate increase request.

Now is not the time to place any kind of additional financial burden on our residents. As we all know well, the COVID-19 pandemic…

View from Camden Ave looking towards single family homes.

Dear Neighbor,

Last Friday, Weingarten Realty, owners of the Cambrian Park Plaza, formally resubmitted redevelopment plans to the City for the proposed mixed use village. These updates are in response to city staff technical comments and community feedback received last fall. Their project will be formally studied in the Draft Environmental Impact Report being prepared by the Planning Department.

You can find these updates on the City of San Jose’s Project’s of High Interest Website under the architectural plan sets and city comment letters section. Below is a summary of their primary changes:

  • Single Family Homes — Released designs for…

On Wednesday, January 6th, I watched in disbelief when an angry mob stormed the Capitol Building to prevent our elected representatives from certifying the 2020 General Election. That day, our democracy was threatened.

As your Councilmember, I condemn all acts of violence, insurrection, and sedition that aims to disrupt our system of self-government. It’s in times like these I find power in our National Motto, E Pluribus Unum — Out of Many, One. We might be from different states. …

Each year we open the District 9 Star Application with the hopes of highlighting our community’s unsung heroes. We spread the opportunity to apply far and wide so we can hear stories of people doing great work throughout our community — stories that deserve to be uplifted.

After the application window closes, we review the submissions and assess their positive impact on our community. Many nominations were received this year, and we are honored to share these stories with you and take this opportunity to spread some positivity during these pessimistic times.

As we all know too well, this year…


My heart goes out to all of the families and individuals who are experiencing substantial hardship resulting from the Northern California wildfires — especially those whom have lost loved ones. Our City and its residents are incredibly appreciative of all the hard work our firefighters have labored towards this fire season to return California to a sense of normalcy. Our firefighters are the ones working to contain blazes, prevent smoke from polluting our skies, and helping folks return home. …

Newly Released Rendering of the Cambrian Park Plaza from Wyrick Ave Looking at the Public Park, towards the Mixed-Use Development at Camden and Union Ave

Dear Neighbor,

Willow Glen has Lincoln Avenue. Campbell has Campbell Avenue. Los Gatos has Santa Cruz Avenue. Cambrian deserves to have its own Main Street. It should serve as an iconic Gateway to this beautiful corner of San Jose and as a foundation to building a greater sense of community.

I sent you a message on Monday, August 24th, promising that I would send another note once the new plans were submitted to the City. Just today Weingarten Realty submitted their plans to our Planning Department.

This has been an extensive journey. This is the 7th message that I have…

When people say they live in the Cambrian Park neighborhood of San Jose, they often detail where they live by referring to the Cambrian Park Plaza. Originally built in 1953, the Cambrian Park Plaza has lost a number of businesses and is in need of revitalization. In 2015, the plaza was purchased by Weingarten Realty for nearly $50 million. Since then, the developer put forth different iterations of a proposal for the plaza and submitted development plans to the city. Before walking into this office, I knew major changes would need to be made to their latest proposal. After numerous…

Cambrian Park Plaza & COVID-19

As your Councilmember I am committed to keeping you apprised of any updates to revitalize the Cambrian Park Plaza. On Thursday morning I had a Zoom meeting with Weingarten Realty, which owns the center. Like most everything right now, COVID-19 is slowing the project’s progress. The economic fallout from COVID-19 has produced staggering job losses, shuttered businesses, halted construction, and created a level of uncertainty unseen since the Great Recession.

Prior to the spread of COVID-19, the City of San Jose anticipated receiving a reinvigorated iteration of the redevelopment plans this summer. While Weingarten is…

Pam Foley

Wife & Mother. Former SJUSD Trustee. Real Estate Professional. Rotarian. Housing Advocate. San José District 9 City Councilmember & Proud San Jose Booster

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