Cambrian Park Plaza August 30 Update

Pam Foley
3 min readAug 30, 2021
View of the park looking at the senior assisted living facility on the left, the mixed-use apartment building with retail on the bottom floor, and the hotel on the right.

You may have heard the news, but the previous owner of the Cambrian Park Plaza, Weingarten Realty, was recently acquired by Kimco Realty Corp. This sale has been finalized resulting in Kimco retaining ownership of the Cambrian Park Plaza. Kimco has retained the team from Weingarten to continue to lead the revitalization of the Cambrian Park Plaza. This project is still moving forward and the new owner continues to fine tune their project by making a fourth submittal to the city earlier this morning.

View of the plaza inside the mixed use apartment complex

Recently, we asked the owner of the Cambrian Park Plaza to relocate the proposed three-story homes that run parallel to Bercaw Lane and back up to existing single family homes. The relocation we requested was to move three-story units to be located away from single story homes so that these existing homes are less impacted by the construction of these new homes. This positive change was made to mitigate the negative impact to these neighbors. With this most recent submittal, we can confirm that our request was addressed and approved by the owner.

View of the single family homes on a newly proposed street running adjacent to existing single family homes

As a result the new three-stories, for the most part, will be adjacent to commercial buildings or multi-story single family homes. With these modifications, the developer increased the total ADU count within the project from 18 to 27. This relocation of the three-stories was welcome news to our office, and is a positive advancement for neighbors living on Bercaw Lane.

View of Camden Avenue looking at the hotel

This new submittal provides the City and the public new renderings, specifies various architectural plans, and acknowledges various planning requests. This submittal will be posted to the City of San José’s Projects of High Interest website soon.

All parkland in the project will be privately owned and publicly accessible open space and not dedicated to the city. This means the owner of the Cambrian Park Plaza will be paying an in-lieu fee, which can be re-invested into our community. The applicant is still developing their affordable housing plan and will be submitting their intentions to the planning department when completed under a separate, future submittal. Our office is requesting that the applicant build at least some affordable housing onsite.

View of the townhomes, newly located carousel, senior assisted living facility, and mixed use apartment building

The Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) will be circulated for 45-days some time in September. A meeting will be held during that 45-day window to review the DEIR. Please be on the lookout for a future meeting invitation in relation to the DEIR soon.



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